Proprietary Tech

Technical innovation is the core competitiveness of JINGGONG STEEL. We are committed to the research and development of innovative technologies including BIM technology, super thick plate welding technology, robot lifting & sliding technology, single side welding double-sided forming technology and so on. Meanwhile, we have our own innovation technology system, including large bent & twisted complete technology, truss string structure complete technology, large retractable roofing system complete technology, large scale cast steel nodes, green integrated building system and the BLS waterproof technology for metal roofing with vertical lock seams, etc.


JINGGONG BIM technology includes professional BIM modeling, integrated design, parametric design, collision detection & optimization, virtual reality, construction simulation.

Green Integrated Building System for Steel Structure Assembly

The technique achieves i ndustrialization of architecture, shaping the future of green steel structure architecture.

Pre-Stressed Structure Technology

It solves problems of integration of simulation, stretching and design of carved large span one-way and two-way string structure construction and cable tension test of truss

Retractable Roof Technology

Retractable Roofing System is the perfect solution to the interference of the climate. This technology gives an answer to the problems in the fabrication

Bending and Twisting Technology

The technology is mainly applied to complex variable and exposed structure of large projects, a solution to the fabrication of space box type structural elements under flexure and torsion.

Cast Steel Technology

Large cast steel nodes are widely used in all kinds of steel structures with their good mechanical properties and modeling flexibility.

BLS Waterproof Technology for Metal Roofing with Vertical Lock Seams

The application of metal roofing system has become more and more popular, and the waterproof property of metal roof system plays a key role in the overall quality of the house.

Building Integrated Photovoltaic

By mounting solar energy panels on existing roofing system, this technology adds PV generation function to buildings.