About Us


Corporate Culture

Our vision————

to be the leader of the steel structure industry Let the building grow with the green

Our idea——achievement you and me

We have to achieve the cause of the Jinggong. We want to Jinggong career first, to give loyalty to Jinggong development, have succeeded in carrying out an assignment. We have to make the business of our customers. The customer is the precious wealth of the Jinggong.

We have to achieve the cause of the collaborators. Winning with the collaborators is the real success of our Jinggong.

We have to achieve the cause of the Jinggong. Jinggong builds a platform for the accomplishments of the Jinggong to achieve personal value.

Achievement you and I are the ideal of the pursuit of Jinggong. The achievement of the people, the achievement of a small family, the achievement of customers, achievement of cooperation, achieve win-win, and seek common development.

Our core values

Work hard and make impossible possible

Do things with your heart and do everything in every day with responsibility, pragmatism and meticulous spirit. Only find ways for success, fail to find reasons, and finally make impossible impossible.

Treat others sincerely and move others to move others

To treat people sincerely and abide by credit is the fundamental thing for people to deal with. Sincere, open-minded, more inclusive, more understanding; with customers, employees face, adhere to good attitude, by myself, eventually moving customers, colleagues, friends and family.

Our spirit

To be responsible for her:

different from the general sense, she must have the courage to take responsibility for the ability and courage, as long as the interest duty or whether Jinggong, particularly, have the courage to take responsibility. To this kind of behavior should be encouraged, even if wrong, do not blame.

Pioneers of innovation:

she is different from the general sense, she must be the first to eat crab courage, walk a road less traveled, and have the courage to fight, never give up, perseverance, and ultimately make the impossible possible.


in the face of customers and employees to adhere to a good attitude to face, words will do, do.


meticulous work, conscientious and conscientious, in every detail to do a lot of effort, work carefully, and strive for perfection.

Team work:

we advocate team operations, team work, professionalism, dedication, daring Ganpin team. Jinggong has only a perfect team and no perfect individual.

Willing to give up:

the fine worker pays attention to dedication, at any time, everywhere and under any circumstances, we must take the overall situation of the Jinggong as the priority and take the Jinggong as the first priority, and personal interest will increase with Jinggong's cause.