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JINGGONG STEEL, makes today’s success by 19 year’s developing history. "people-oriented, science and technology first", “Be dedicated, Be honest”, “Be brave to do, to do what’s promised”, these are the spirits of JINGGONG STEEL, by which JINGGONG STEEL becomes a regional group company of building structural steel industry, leading the steel structure industry for 6 years. Let's move the clock back to the special moment in 1999 - the day when Zhejiang Jinggong Steel Co., Ltd. was formally established. During the 19 years from 1999 to 2018, JINGGONG STEEL stepped forward and became the leader in domestic steel structure industry.


1999In 1999, the Sino-German joint venture named Zhejiang Jinggong Steel Structure Co. Ltd was founded as a result of giant partnership with Daimler Chrysler Inc. of Germany. Since then the steel structure business of Jinggong has been ushered into the fields of high-rise & skyscraper steel structure and long span steel structure.


2000In November 2000, Tongji Jinggong Steel Structure Technology Research Center was set up in Yifu Building of Tongji University.


2001In June 2001, the Corporation won the level-A qualifications of design granted by the Ministry of Construction.



In April 2002, the Corporation was granted the First-rate qualifications for the steel structure project contracting by the Ministry of Construction.

In November 2002, the Corporation established cooperative relationship with Beijing Construction Engineering Group Co. Ltd and Beijing Urban Construction Co. Ltd to gain entry into the market of Beijing and its surrounding areas against the background of the coming Beijing Olympic Games and its coupling opportunities.


2003In June 2003, the Corporation acquired the listed company, Anhui Changjiang Agricultural Machinery Co. Ltd (currently named Changjiang Jinggong Steel Structure (Group) Co. Ltd) and managed to come into market by means of reversed merger.



In June 2004, the Corporation launched strategic restructuring and set up three project departments categorized by products series, namely Jinggong light steel structure project department, Jinggong heavy steel structure project department and Jinggong special steel structure project department.

In August 2004, Beijing Urban Construction Jinggong Steel Structure Engineering Co. Ltd was established with the joint fund from the Corporation and Beijing Urban Construction Co. Ltd.



In August 2005, the Bird Nest Project—the National Stadium and main venue for 2008 Beijing Olympic Game was officially started up with the Corporation as its construction contractor.

In September 2005, Changjiang Jinggong Steel Structure Corporation successfully acquired "Hubei Chutian Steel Structure Company" and was ready for the set-up of Wuhan manufacturing base to lay a solid foundation for overall development all across the country.

In November 2005, Changjiang Jinggong non-tradable share reform was approved for implementation.

In December 2005, Zhejiang Jinggong Steel Structure Co. Ltd obtained the H-grade certification of steel structure in Japan, successfully earning its admission into Japanese market.



In September 2006, the Corporation raised fund of RMB 300 million by non-public offerings (private placement).

In October 2006, the Enterprise Resource Planning System for the Corporation officially went into effect, making itself the first steel structure company of its kind adopting EPR management mode in China.

In November 2006, Wuhan manufacturing base for the Corporation was established and put into production, by the time of which the Corporation has reached a production capacity of 350,000 metric tons of steel structure.

In December 2006, Zhejiang Jinggong Steel Structure Co. Ltd—the holding company of the Corporation has passed the appraisal of "China Steel Structure Fabricator with Top-grade Competency".


In April 2007, A production line with the amount of 60-million CNY investment had completed in Anhui province and now being operational. The production line excels heavy steel technical improvement and high-rise residential steel product, and has annual steel output exceeds 30 thousand tons.

In June 2007, JINGGONG STEELhad stationed in Caohejing Economic Development Zone, Shanghai and established Shanghai business headquarter which enhanced the group’s resources integration in Shanghai.

In July 2007,  JINGGONG STEELhad successfully taken over ABC Building Systems(China)Co.,Ltd

In December 2007,  JINGGONG STEEL had won the first historical general contract bid from the Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge offshore platform renovation project, this is also an emerging icon of starting with general contract methods.


In January 2008, Guangdong Sanshui Production Base - Guangdong Jinggong Steel Structure Co., Ltd. had built and put into trial production which means the new stage has coming for  JINGGONG STEEL to sketch the plan and deploy the projection in South China and the Southeast of Asia .

In November 2008,  JINGGONG STEEL has classified as first batch of High-tech enterprises by government authorities.


In February 2009,  JINGGONG STEEL has acquired the S1 certificates and qualifications of fabrication and erection steel construction in Singapore, which laid the foundation for the  JINGGONG STEEL to explore the Singapore and rest of the Southeast of Asia.


In March 2010,  JINGGONG STEEL has established an international business headquarter, covering the business located in Middle East, Southeast Asia, Central and South America, Africa and other regions.

In April 2010,  JINGGONG STEEL began to construct a heavy steel export base with a total building area of 100-thousand square meter, which are concrete steps efforts to the realization of the globalization strategy.


In May 2011,  JINGGONG STEEL expanded the two massive production bases: namely, Southern China heavy steel factory base and Central China light steel plate factory base. 

In July 2011, the department of light steel has been renamed Jinggong Industrial Building System Co., Ltd.

In December 2011,  JINGGONG STEEL had taken over Qingdao urban and rural architectural design institute and Asian architecture, and merged into Lvzhu light energy.


In January 2012,  JINGGONG STEEL spend 258 million CNY and wholly-owned acquisition Guangdong Jingang curtain wall engineering Co., Ltd. 

In August 2012, JINGGONG STEEL has classified as first batch of national High-tech enterprises by government authorities.

In October 2012,  JINGGONG STEEL successfully undertook the project of Qianqing Middle School and Jianhu Middle School in Shaoxing County, and Adopt the method of " Integrated Jinggong Green Building System" from the start end to the end.

In November 2012,  JINGGONG STEEL technology center classified as the national enterprise technical center.

In December 2012, Guangdong Jinggong Steel Structure Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Jingrui Metal Building System Co., Ltd. classified as second batch of national high-tech enterprises.


In July 2013,  JINGGONG STEEL and Shanghai Jingrui Metal Building System Co., Ltd. had acquired the first batch of enterprises in China to be qualified for the design and construction of metal house (wall) facades, and  JINGGONG STEEL was the only group obtained two super-qualified certificates and qualifications at the same time.

In November 2013, the "Zhejiang Province Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industry Green Building System Integration Industry Technology Alliance Project" founded by JINGGONG STEEL has been elected as Zhejiang Key industry technical partner. This is the first and solely alliance in the industry which concludes production, teaching and researching.


In May 2014,  JINGGONG STEEL has become the first batch of enterprises to obtain the first-class qualification of the National General Contracting for Residential Construction (Steel Structure)

In October 2014, the R&D of integrated green steel building technology has made breakthroughs in  JINGGONG STEEL, and the scientific research building had successfully completed the assembly in half a month.

In October 2014,  JINGGONG STEEL has raised a total of 845 million CNY by issuing 100 million shares in private, making the company's third successful issuance.


In July 2015,  JINGGONG STEEL successfully issued 600 million corporate bonds and approved 700 million convertible bonds in December, providing strong financial support for the corporation's business development.

In December 2015, the main structure of the green integrated building for Science and Technology Industrial Park have completed, and the Jinggong GBS industrialized green integrated building had successfully published.


In June 2016, the corporation had solely awarded the demonstration enterprise of the "one belt and one road" national strategy in the steel structure construction field of Zhejiang province.

In October 2016, JINGGONG STEEL has won the first batch of "national assembly construction industry base" honorary title of Ministry of construction.

In December 2016,  JINGGONG STEEL established a new headquarters skyscraper in Shanghai, successfully settled in Shanghai and walked into another chapter of the Odyssey.