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First-level general contracting qualification of housing construction (steel structure) project

Premium quality steel structure manufacturing enterprise

Class-A engineering design qualification of building construction industry

Class-A specialized contracting qualification of steel structure project

Class-A qualification for steel structure engineering design

China class-A special qualification of grid structure for steel structure


China premium qualification for metal cladding system contractor Class-A specialized contracting qualification of metal doors and windows

Premium Qualification of architectural metal house (wall) design and construction

S1 Qualification of Singapore national steel structure professional processing and installation

Japan steel structure H level certification

AISC certification of American steel structure production

China laboratory metrology accreditation (CMA)

Laboratory Accreditation Certificate by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Asseccment(CNAS)

Examination Board for Metallurgical Engineering Construction Qualification of Welder

Qualification for Contracting Foreign Construction Projects from Ministry of Commerce