Project Information

Opening of Singapore Tuas West Extension



According to Singapore media, Singapore Tuas West Extension Line Subway Station has been put into running from June 18. The project, located in the Singapore metropolitan area, is part of the expansion of the Singapore MRT east-west extension line. The steel structure engineering of EW31, EW32 and EW33 stations was built by JingGong Steel international.


The roof of the project is a single-layer steel pipe mesh system connected by cast steel joints and flange end plates. The construction adopts the split lifting scheme. The maximum number of high-altitude butt joints is up to 42 and the number of the bolts are up to 168. The one-time termination perforation rate Up to 100%. The project implements the BS EN standard as a whole, and the appearance quality requirements meet the AESS standard.

( EW31 Station )

( EW32 Station )

( EW33 Station )

The success of the Singapore Metro project has further laid a good foundation for JingGong Steel International in the Southeast Asian market. With the continuous deepening of the overseas market strategy, JingGong Steel International will provide high-quality products and services to more overseas customers with exquisite technology and rich experience, and lead the Chinese steel structure enterprises on the international stage.