Project Information

JINGGONG STEEL Helped The First Flight of Maldivian Verana International Airport



The latest news from the Xinhua News Agency in September 18th: The new runway test flight ceremony of the Velana International Airport built by Chinese companies was held on the 18th in Maldives. At the ceremony, Maldivian President Yameen said the new international airport runway built by Chinese companies will bring a huge development to the tourism economy of the Maldives.


On the same day, Maldivian President Yameen, Economic Development Minister Sayed, and Chinese Ambassador to the Maldives Zhang Lizhong attended the ceremony. President Yameen expressed his gratitude to the Chinese government for providing strong economic support for infrastructure development in the Maldives during his speech.


Based on its advantages and strength in the field of steel structure, Jinggong Steel International participated in the construction of the “The Belt and Road” key project of the seaplane supporting facilities at the Velana International Airport in Maldives, responsible for the design, fabrication and installation.


Due to the project is located in an island, the painting requirements of steel structure are extremely strict. The components are all fully galvanized and the thin-type expanded fireproofing coating tested by the international laboratory is applied. The thickness of the coating print is 800μm ~ 1700μm with surface drying cycle, long and high spray environment requirements.


In order to cope with the construction of the new runway, the project construction team is also facing a series of tests, such as replacement space for runway construction, long shipping cycle, high temperature and rainy season construction. And all of this put forward higher requirements on quality control, progress control, construction quality assurance, and improvement of construction management level.


The maintenance hangar of the seaplane was finally completed and delivered successfully through Jinggong's unremitting efforts. As a result, it provides support for the first flight of the new runway of Maldives Airport, and creates conditions for the logistic support of the A380 and other large aircraft landing at Maldives Airport.

Jinggong Steel International has been highly recognized by both the client and the main contractor with good construction management and contract performance, and the following parts of the seaplane supporting facilities have also under the construction.