Project Information

Kazakhstan Shchuchinsk Ski Jump Project Won A Victory in Stages



With the arrival of the technical team, the project of Kazakhstan Hugh Hinske ski trail undertaken by Jinggong Steel International has entered the key stage of steel structure installation recently. The main beams of the K90 slide are precisely connected and smoothly closed, and the slides are smoothly lifted in place after continuous and intense operation.

The project adopts the combination of the high and low span hydraulic integral lifting method and push-pull sliding. The elevation is 49m, the emplacement height is 89m, and the horizontal sliding is 9m. It is the first time that Jinggong Steel international has adopted a special process abroad. 

The successful hoisting of the K90 slide gave the team great confidence and the assembly of the K125 slide was also in progress.

The Hugh Hinske ski trail is located across the lake from the resort of "Kazakh Switzerland", the Burabay National Park. And it will be used for large ski events. Jinggong Steel International undertakes connection design, material procurement, fabrication and installation of all steel structures of the project. 

There are two ski runs in the whole project, the longest one is 104m, and the two ends are located on the concrete structure, the height difference is 52m. The main structure is an inverted triangular variable-section truss structure, and the style of connection is high strength bolt connection.


Due to the large cross-section of the main components and the curved structure, the project has increased the difficulty in cross-border transportation, erection machinery and site restrictions on the project. Facing the challenges, Jinggong Steel International rationally segment the structure, strictly control the accuracy, and fully pre-assemble the steel slides with rich experience and technology. It not only solves the difficult problem of the steel frame lift-off, but also ensures the smooth progress of the construction period. 

With the continuous deepening of the “The Belt and Road” strategy of China, Jinggong Steel international will open up a new future for the development of the steel structure field with innovative technologies and the “spirit of the craftsmen”.