Project Information

The successfully unloading of Baraki Stadium, Algeria



Recently, the overseas projects has been under great construction. The steel structure installation of the Bahaji Stadium in Algeria built by Jinggong Steel International, has also successfully completed the unloading work. The whole project has entered the final stage currently.

This project will become one of the largest integrated stadiums in Algeria and North Africa when it is completed. It is another landmark project of Jinggong Steel International in the North African market. Now, let's take a look back at every highlight of the moments with the camera.

The difficulties of unloading at the Baraki Stadium is as follows: 1. 52 hydraulic jacks are adopted, and the overall unloading is graded and synchronously; 2. lease the horizontal force of the bearing in the long-axis direction of the arch truss by the self-weight of the steel structure, while one-way slide 145mm in the horizontal direction, the amount of slip after unloading is complete fit the design. After the unloading is completed, the support is fixed and converted into a fixed ball joint support.

The project of Baraki stadium is located in Algiers province of the People's Republic of Algeria. The layout of the building is oval, with an engineering area of about 650,000 square meters. The total steel consuption is 7,000t. The maximum span of main truss is 200 meters and the height of truss is 11 meters. It can accommodate more than 40,000 people at the same time when it is completed. Jinggong steel International is responsible for the shop drawing, fabrication and site installation of steel structures.