Project Information

Successfully completion of the Shchuchinsk ski jump project in Kazakhstan



After several months,Shchuchinsk ski jump project undertaken by Jinggong Steel International was successfully completed with the slippage of the K125 slide. Finally the whole project was successfully completed.


( Project Completion Scene )


There are two ski runs about the project in total. The longest sliding path is 104m. The project adopts the combination of the high and low span hydraulic integral lifting method and push-pull sliding. The elevation is 49m, the emplacement height is 89m, and the horizontal sliding is 9m. It is the first time that Jinggong Steel International has adopted a special process abroad.


( Ski Jump in The Snow )


The Shchuchinsk ski jump is located across the lake from the resort of "Kazakh Switzerland", the Burabay National Park. And it will be used for large ski events. Jinggong Steel International undertakes connection design, material procurement, fabrication and installation of all steel structures of the project.


( The Construction Team)


Along with the deepening of the strategy of "The belt and road", Jinggong Steel International has actively promoted the structural reform of the supply side of steel structure building since the 18th national congress of the communist party of China (CPC), Driven by technological innovation, Jinggong strives to put new impetus into enterprise development.