Project Information

Successful Placement of The Final Hoisting of The Roof Steel Structure Module of QARS



The latest information from Qatar's Al Rayyan stadium (hereinafter referred to as QARS) project: after months of working, the last roof steel structure module was successfully hoisted on September 6th at local time. The main roof modules were fully hoisted and 1,250 tons of heavy crawler crane was successfully withdrawn from the jobsite at that time. 

QARS 整体2.jpg

The roof steel structure adopts modular hoisting, 24 hoisting modules in total. The maximum hoisting weight is 190t, and the longest hoisting distance is 80m. All of them are hoisted by 1250 tons heavy crawler. 


It is worth mentioning that this is also the largest tonnage crane that Jinggong Steel International has used in overseas projects over the years. 


The lifting operation of the steel structure module of the main body of QARS project starts from the lifting of the first module on April 26 to the landing of the last module on September 6. The whole process is under the hot summer in Qatar. The average daily temperature is above 40 degrees, the highest temperature is above 48 degrees, and the body temperature is even close to 60 degrees.


Standing only for a few minutes outdoors will sweat all over the body under such a harsh weather condition. However, Not only the engineers and inspectors, even the welders are not afraid of this bad situation and they keep sticking to their posts for more than 8 hours per day. 


Dr Chen, general manager of the Jinggong Steel International, went to Doha to lead the QARS project team overcome difficulties day and night in order to stick to the construction period, guarantee the construction quality and encourage the team morale. Until now, he has been supervising and commanding in the job site for more than 50 days.


While overcoming the hot weather condition and adapting to British management, all the workers keep the spirit of the Jinggong company and made it their mission to ensure the quality and safety of the construction, finally setting records for the fastest construction of the main steel structure in the stadiums under construction in Qatar.



The clients and the main contractor have given their high praise and awarded Jinggong Steel International 15 million for “safety time award”, it is undoubtedly the best affirmation to Jinggong.